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About VTD

We’re a team of experienced and certified professionals with over 20 years of accumulated experience. 

We help businesses focus on their core strength by partnering with them. Our core aim is to help our clients earn more sales through strategic digital marketing solutions that brings effective results. We’ve worked with clients across different Industries – Tradesperson, Medical Professionals, Real Estate Agents/Companies, Insurance, 

What We Offer

Are you a small or medium  scale business owner, or tradesperson, or a professional looking for an affordable but extremely effective website design , search engine optimization that will help your business rank high so you can make more sales? we are the  perfect partner to work with. We will ensure that you get more sales either online or in your local area , we’re the perfect partner to work with.

Every minute of every day, there are people who are looking for services to pay for  online. All of our efforts will ensure that everyone who is looking for the type of services you offer online, finds you and favors you over similar businesses in your industry nearby. We’ve helped several businesses increase their yearly revenues, yours  wont be any different

Our Values


Your business, your goals, and your ideal customers are completely customized to your company and business. Every business is as unique as their fingerprint and needs a custom strategy driven campaign to get the absolute best results.

Every time we build a website, or start a digital marketing campaign, we make sure that the basics and done to perfection. We don’t offer quick start solutions, or band aid approaches.

Our Services

services customized to suit your needs

Complete SEO Solutions

Our company has designed a search engine optimization service that is both ethical and result-driven. We use the latest tools, strategies, and trends to help you move up in the search engines for the right keywords to get noticed by the right audience.


We design and develop website solutions based on what will achieve your online goals in the most optimal way. Whether that is a beautiful, large website that showcases your companies history and project portfolio, an online store or a conversion  

Social Media Marketing

Increasing your website traffic will directly influence leads and sales. brand awareness, and website traffic.Our social media advertising services help you generate immediate results. We will connect your products or services to the right audience

Social Media Management

Increasing your website traffic will directly influence leads and sales. brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic.Our advertising services help you generate immediate results. We will help connect your products/services to right audience 

free SEO and indepth website audit

This SEO Analysis provides a very thorough manual review of your website from our team of experienced SEO professionals. We wont just send you any kind of results, we will spend hours to review every page of your website.

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A social media management company with a concentration on increasing sales revenue and ROI. We also handle web design and search engine marketing.